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June 2017

Racial Reconciliation

Today, Pastor Sloan begins a new sermon series on ‘The Legacy of Pentecost.” The first legacy of Pentecost defined by Pastor Sloan, which he admonishes the contemporary Pentecostal church of the 21st-century to recover, is racial reconciliation. 

Trinity Sunday

Pastor Sloan talks about the significance of the trinitarian nature of the christian God

Pentecost Sunday: God’s Prophetic People

Dr. Timothy Larsen of Wheaton College Graduate School talks about the prophetic nature of the church based upon the day of pentecost.

May 2017

Wait and Witness

Pastor Sloan discusses Jesus’ instructions to the apostles between his resurrection and ascension.  

Gideons International

Elder Dick De Poe discusses the significance of Gideons International. 

Rationality and Revelation

Pastor Sloan discusses the nature of Christianity as a revealed religion.

Accustomed to Jesus

Pastor Sloan discusses the tendency of Christians of becoming so accustomed to Jesus they no longer expect to be surprised by his presence. 

April 2017

The Cross-Shaped Life

Pastor Sloan describes what a cruciformed life looks like.

Life in the Age of Decay

Pastor Sloan discusses the resurrection as the answer to a decaying world. 

Who’s the greatest among us

Dr. Robert Gallagher teaches on who is in fact the greatest among us.