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November 2018

“God and the Everyday Life”


October 2018

“The Rebellious Prophet”

“Faith That Works”

“James 5:1-9”

“Strangers in a Hostile Land”

September 2018

“Just James”

“God will surely visit you”

” The Great Commission”

“Who Do You say that I am”

“How to Read your Bible”

August 2018


“Converting vs Discipling”

“The Word”

July 2018


June 2018


Thy Kingdom come-part2

Thy Kingdom come-part1

Good Deeds

May 2018

Pentecost Holy Spirit Come

“The Ascension of Jesus”

For Ascension Sunday, Pastor Sloan preached on the theological implications of the Ascension of Jesus, showing how the Ascension is the reversal of the Fall.

“The Law is Love”

In this sermon, Pastor Sloan highlights how Christ reduced the law to one commandment: Love. Building on his sermon from the week before, “I am the Vine, you are the Branches,” he taught that the goal of the Christian life is to share Christ’s love with the world. We are designed to be receptacles of God’s love, funnels through which His love flows into the world around us.

April 2018

“I am the Vine, you are the Branches”

Speaking on John 15:1-8, Pastor Sloan explains Christ’s exhortation to “abide in me.” In order to live a fruitful Christian life, Christians are called to nurture their relationship to the vine. In other words, they are called to intimacy with Christ. The life of Jesus naturally flows through people who nurture their relationship with Him, so that they might declare with Paul, “I have been crucified with Christ, yet I live; but it’s not me who lives, it’s Christ who lives through me.”

Ben Struss Indonesia Mission

Ben Struss shares his approach to Indonesian people in a Muslim dominated religion an encouraging message to Christians 


Pastor Sloan elaborates on the Great Commission.


“No longer Slaves”

March 2018

Entering the House of Death


“The Season of LENT”

Run the Race

February 2018

“Know your Enemy”

It only seems like it

Face to Face with God

Drama of the Spirit-part3

January 2018

“The Drama of the Spirit” part-2

“Fully Known, Fully Loved”

 In this sermon, Pastor Sloan preaches about how although Christ knows us completely, yet He loves us completely.

“The Drama of the Spirit”

Living in the Spirit

October 2017


“Peace for Troubled Hearts”

September 2017

“Do not be Afraid”

June 2017

Racial Reconciliation

Today, Pastor Sloan begins a new sermon series on ‘The Legacy of Pentecost.” The first legacy of Pentecost defined by Pastor Sloan, which he admonishes the contemporary Pentecostal church of the 21st-century to recover, is racial reconciliation. 

Trinity Sunday

Pastor Sloan talks about the significance of the trinitarian nature of the christian God

Pentecost Sunday: God’s Prophetic People

Dr. Timothy Larsen of Wheaton College Graduate School talks about the prophetic nature of the church based upon the day of pentecost.

May 2017

Wait and Witness

Pastor Sloan discusses Jesus’ instructions to the apostles between his resurrection and ascension.  

Gideons International

Elder Dick De Poe discusses the significance of Gideons International. 

Rationality and Revelation

Pastor Sloan discusses the nature of Christianity as a revealed religion.

Accustomed to Jesus

Pastor Sloan discusses the tendency of Christians of becoming so accustomed to Jesus they no longer expect to be surprised by his presence. 

April 2017

The Cross-Shaped Life

Pastor Sloan describes what a cruciformed life looks like.