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April 2017

Life in the Age of Decay

Pastor Sloan discusses the resurrection as the answer to a decaying world. 

Who’s the greatest among us

Dr. Robert Gallagher teaches on who is in fact the greatest among us.

March 2017


Becky Fik teaches on Unity in the Church.

February 2017

The 5 Ws of Suffering

Julian Burnley speaks on the paradox of suffering.

December 2016

Sharing Christ at Christmas

Dr. Jerry Root from Wheaton College speaks on “Sharing Christ at Christmas.” Don’t let the simple title fool you; this sermon is packed with themes of Advent, inspirational stories, and valuable practical advice regarding how to share your faith with family, friends, casual acquaintances, or the total stranger on the street.

Eyes that See, Ears that Hear, & Legs that Leap