We weren’t created to ‘do life’ alone. Life is better together.

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The God of the Christian faith is a Trinitarian being, which means that relationship is built into the very nature of God. We are created in God’s image, which means we are relational beings too! Consequently, we at Lombard Assembly believe strongly in relational ministry. It is our desire to have a variety of ways for our people to connect with God and neighbor.

We come together for connecting & belonging.

Small groups connect us relationally to build meaningful, lasting friendships with others where we sense a feeling of belonging. Belonging means we are accepted, appreciated, valued, connected, and comfortable with a group of others. It is powerful to know that once our relationships go deeper than casual connection, that there are others who love us for who we really are. 

We come together for growth & accountability.

Small groups allow growth with others, with God, and provides greater clarity to help us with the questions we wrestle with and the circumstances we struggle with.  Groups invite others into our journey to encourage and guide us, to inform and inspire us, to confront and to challenge us to take our next steps with God. 

We come together for care & support.

Small groups allow people to connect meaningfully; and a by-product of people connecting well is that they care for each other and serve one another.  People care for people they know well.  Instead of care being deferred only to pastoral staff or church leaders, groups allow our ability to care for one another to elevate to another level, so no one goes unnoticed and no need goes unmet.